BETSY HUNTLEY | Growing up in Williamsburg, Virginia, I started college at a small school in Virginia, then transferred and graduated from The University of Georgia. Loving everything about all types of design, fashion, interior and graphic, I first chose fashion, and majored in design and management. I spent a year in Italy, working and once I returned married and moved to Jacksonville, Florida. I then went to work for the interior design firm, Covington and Young, I went back to school and got a degree in interior design, and have been a part of the interior design world ever since. I have been associated with James Michael Howard for 16 years, and continue to love the design industry.

As far as my personal style goes, I love color, it is what makes me happy! I was taught color can fill voids that make space more interesting. Neutral rooms are very appealing, but need finer and more important things that often budgets don't allow. Art is also such an important original and finishing touch. I love art, but also love clients that have their own collections. I encourage personal style, and want my clients to come through.

I have loved my association with James M Howard interiors, as it has it all. We can do anything and everything envolved in designing a home. From cabinetry, flooring, to wall finishes, bathrooms to kitchens there is nothing not available to us.